Does Stageworks offer classes or camps for my 3 year old?

Stageworks offers opportunities for pre-primary children in our Baby Ballet Classes

What kind of classes does Stageworks offer?

We offer many different types and levels of classes that are curriculum driven and age appropriate in acting (improv, auditioning, character and scene development) , voice, dance and technical theater (set build, make-up, props, costumes, directing).
Speech & Drama grade Exams with RIAM and Piano Exams with RiAM

What items does my child need to bring to class?

Students need to bring a water bottle, and appropriate safe shoes. Please label all personal items.

What is the dress code?

We ask that students wear clothes that allow for ease of movement and cover private areas of their body.

Does Stageworks offer adult dance classes?

Typically, YES! Although our current semester does not have any adult dance classes scheduled. Join or mailing list to be notified when we have new adult class offerings

What items does my student need to bring to class/rehearsal?

Students need to bring a water bottle, dance shoes (if applicable), pencils, and script every day. Students will be told when lunches also need to be brought. Please label all personal items.

What is the dress code?

We ask that students wear clothes that allow for ease of movement and cover private areas of their body

What is the absence policy?

For last minute or emergency conflicts text Olive 087-9773445.


End of Year Shows
At the end of each semester Stageworks holds Learning Teatre Performances from Jnr-3rd class and age appropriate shows from 4th class up.
These are usually held on or near the last day of the year at or near the same time the class would normally be held.

Tickets – there is a nominal fee for end of year productions to cover, lighting, sound, additional staffing etc.

What should students wear under costumes?

We ask that every student provide a black base to wear under their costume. Black leggings, tracksuit, long sleeved black t-shirt, black socks, black shoes (available in Penny’s – around €4)

Do your shows require tickets?

Stageworks performances require a paid ticket for admission. Tickets can be purchased on our website or at the door

Can parents watch auditions or rehearsals?

In order to create a supportive, non-distracting environment for the students, we do not allow adults to view students’ while auditioning, rehearsing, or in classes


Summer Camps
Musical Theatre Summer Camps are mostly located Studio 51, Oranmore Business Park for the entirety of the camp. There are some camps that take place at Secondary School locations in the community so be sure to check the location.

Birthday Parties, Vocal Coaching, Speech & Drama, Piano Lessons, Studio Rental, Costume Rental– see class information

How can I contact someone at Stageworks?

If there are any questions concerning a production or class, please contact us by text at 087-9677199

What is the Student Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure?

Drop Off: students may be dropped off at the door to a Stageworks Staff Member. Every student must sign in or be signed in each day.

Pick Up: During class or rehearsal pick up time, PAA requests that children 6th grade and below (ages 5-12) be signed collected by their parent and escorted to their vehicle as an added measure of safety in an increasingly busy parking lot. Please be prompt at pick up!

Do you accommodate allergies?

Please notify Stageworks if a student has an allergy we need to be aware of for safety. Please do not bring food for the entire group out of respect and safety for those who have allergies. Stageworks makes every attempt to provide a nut-free zone for those students who are allergic to nuts during the lunch and snack periods for their program.

What is your cell mobile policy?

Every moment at Stageworks is an opportunity to learn and be engaged. Mobiles are to remain in bags during classes and rehearsals. In case of an emergency please call 087-9773445

Do you have a lost and found?

Students who leave items behind can find them on the Stageworks lost and found table, usually located near the check-in table. If not picked up by the completion of the year, items will be donated

Are you on Social Media?

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